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Besides my fulltime job as SEO e-commerce/iGaming manager, I occasionally work as freelancer for different projects. I enjoy helping my clients reach the results they want and the visibility they deserve.

I prefer working with agile business that implement my recommendations quickly without any unnecessary delays. Then we can reach the top positions effectively and maintain them for as long as possible.

I'm currently accepting new clients.

Previous Projects

Throughout my career, I have been working as a freelancer for several exciting SEO projects. Among others, I have worked for example with:

  • Yacht booking services based in Prague
  • Luxury vacation provider based in Denver
  • Cybersecurity and IT service company
  • Designer sunglasses e-commerce site
  • Italian ice cream parlour blog and e-shop
  • Non-profit organization for foster homes
  • Personal development and growth focused blog
  • And many others...

Martin has always delivered what he promised in a quality that we expected. He helped our site to get more daily visitors. Anytime we were unsure about the next steps, he was there with a solution.

Lenka B.
Lenka B. Beruska HB, non profit organization for children

Tools I Use

Issues I Can Fix

Besides listing a few typical SEO services below, here are the issues that I know how to fix:

  • We need to improve our flat-line SEO results – It’s been a while since we observed increase in organic traffic to our site. The charts seem to be rather stagnating. We need someone to help us increase the results.
  • We don’t know why our organic traffic dropped recently – We noticed a big drop in traffic coming from the search engines and we don’t know what the issue is. We need someone who would help us understand the cause.
  • We are not sure if we are targeting the right keywords – We have been writing some content on our site but we are not even sure if that is something people are searching for. It’s important to spend our time focusing on content that has a high chance to be found. We need someone to guide us.
  • We think we have some toxic backlinks pointing to our site – Our content is fine, we have good traffic on our site but there seems to be something wrong with our backlinks. We need someone to check our link profile and make sure everything looks natural and in order.
  • We are not sure about our multilingual SEO settings – We are targeting several different markets but we are not sure if we should use subfolders, subdomains, specific server locations or separate Google Analytics and Search Console accounts. We need someone with multilingual experience.
  • We don’t know why our site is not getting indexed by Google – Even though we have several backlinks, good content and the site seems to be working well, we simply couldn’t find ourselves in the search engines. We need someone to check for crawl and indexing issues.
  • Or we just want to hear your opinion – We have our skilled internal SEO team but there are still some topics we are not completely sure about. We just want to have a chat and see someone else’s opinion. We need someone to ask about the questions we don’t know the answer for.


I love simple things and therefore made the pricing straight forward without additional or hidden fees.

  • One day of work (8 hours) = 299€

One unified price for all sites and all tasks. Monthly visits or amount of pages doesn't matter.

Overview of SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

I will go through your site and check what needs to be fixed and what can be done better from the technical perspective.

Typically: 1 - 2 man-days

Keyword Research

I will prepare a list of keywords you are missing on your site and make sure you are targeting the right ones.

Typically1 - 2 man-days

Content Strategy

I will find out what topics to write about for getting more organic visibility in your niche together with the content structure.

Typically1 man-day

Competitor Analysis

I will identify your biggest organic competitors that are ranking above you and see what they are doing better than you.

Typically1 man-day

Backlink Profile Check

I will go through your backlink profile and check if there are no toxic links that might be degrading your SEO efforts.

Typically1 man-day

Traffic Drop Analysis

If your traffic or rankings have significantly dropped, you might be facing a serious penalty. I will find out what is going on.

Typically1 man-day

Indexation Analysis

I will check why you are not being indexed by the search engines despite having lots of pages on your site.

Typically1 man-day

SEO Tools Setup

There is lots of SEO tools out there. I will tell you which one is the best one for your project and help you with implementation.

Typically1 man-day

Why Me

Before I started my freelance journey, I experienced a lot of working environments in the last 4+ years, such as e-commerce companies, start-ups, digital agencies, international enterprises and hyper-competitive affiliate markets.

I keep myself on the top of the ever-changing SEO trends and I gladly share the knowledge with my clients. I highly respect mutual trust and cooperation at work. You will know exactly what I am working on, how much time I am spending and what the results are.

  • I have been working in several ultra-competitive industries, including e-commerce, iGaming, travel or sports betting where I had great results (+60% organic visibility in 6 months)
  • I have been managing content creation and linkbuilding delivery for several highly penetrated markets, such as Germany, UK, Finland, Norway or USA.
  • I publish on some of the top SEO magazines, such as MarketingProfs, SearchEnginePeople, SEO-Hacker or SEMrush.
  • There are no Google algorithm updates that I would miss. I am passionate about everything SEO related and I educate myself constantly.
  • I am not an agency. There are not any unnecessary processes. You will know exactly what you are paying for.

Why Search Engine Optimization


"Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day." Source »


"93% of online experiences begin with a search engine." Source »


"61% of internet users do research on a product online before making a purchase." Source »


"On average, search traffic conterts 10x higher than social media on desktop." Source »

Let's beat your competition

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I wish to share my SEO knowledge with clients
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